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MOE Certification in Ontario
The Environmental Protection Act (EPA) for the province of Ontario grants the Ministry of the Environment the power to limit and approve the specific discharge of contaminants into the environment. The legislation states that contaminants shown to cause negative environmental effects are strictly prohibited unless approval is granted. It is important to take note that the government of Ontario broadens the definition of a pollutant to include noise and vibration. The EPA works as a method of controlling the amount of contaminants that are released into the environment as well as distinguishing liability on offending parties.
MOE certification refers to explicit approval from the Ministry of the Environment for a business to operate in accordance with the EPA. This special certification is necessary for any company that has processes that discharge a contaminant to the natural environment (air, water, waste) to operate legally in Ontario.
Any company that operates in Ontario is required to obtain certification from the Ministry of the Environment if the operations of the company result in any of the following:
  • A release of contaminants into the environment. This includes pollutants released into the air, land and water; and
  • The handling of hazardous waste, whether it be storing, transporting or disposal.
The Process of Receiving MOE Certification
Recent changes to the EPA have made the MOE certification process possible in two different ways. The nature of the company and the processes will dictate which certification process is appropriate for your business.
The two possible paths to certification include:
The ECA is a relatively new approval process that replaces the Certificate of Approval (C of A) process. The C of A process previously required businesses to apply for separate air, noise, waste and sewage approvals. This process has been replaced by a much more efficient process that allows one application to cover all emissions, discharges and waste for the business.
The EASR allows recognized business types to register a number of approved processes directly with the ministry. This can save time in avoiding the approval process, but is only available for a limited number of routine systems and processes if they meet the stringent Activity and Operating Requirements.
Efficiently Securing Approvals
Continued compliance with the EPA is essential to running a business legally in Ontario. Failure to comply with this act can result in severe fines and also a suspension of business operation.
The ECA and EASR processes can take a considerable amount of time to have finalized, but there are steps that can be taken to expedite the process. Enlisting the services of a recognized and respected environmental consulting firm will ensure that the business has the proper assessments completed and all the paperwork necessary to receive a prompt turnaround.
An Emission Summary and Dispersion Modeling Report may need to be prepared and updated annually in order to maintain the MOE certification. An environmental consulting firm can also aid in the preparation and submission of this document to maintain the certification.
It is critical to ensure that your business in Ontario is properly approved and in compliance with the EPA. Trust an environmental consultation company that services the Greater Toronto Area and all of Ontario to secure your MOE certification today.
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